Feel strong and confident with our hot range of Activewear

Consumer appetite for Activewear has grown explosively over the last 10 years. Be A Sport has watched these garments go from being a fringe market of compression garments to a fashion movement, with Activewear regularly worn for comfort by those not even engaging in sport or exercise.

Once the sole domain of specialist manufacturers, many traditional clothing companies have now introduced Activewear to their range, and Be A Sport is pleased to offer a wide selection from each.

Designed for looks, engineered for comfort?

The reason for the surging popularity of Activewear is not hard to fathom. The feel, durability and comfort of these outfits is very suited to the active lifestyle we love in Australia. As leading fashion houses have become involved in production and mainstream acceptance of activewear has increased, Australians have felt more and more confident in slipping it on. But it’s not just about looks; like a good pair of running shoes, good activewear will make your workouts healthier and more productive.

Each of our specialised Activewear ranges has their own unique qualities – and they all share the best of fashion and style.

Lorna Jane is considered an icon of the Activewear industry. Its founder, Lorna Jane Clarkson, started making her own gear for her work as a personal trainer in Queensland 25 years ago; now her company distributes Activewear around the globe. Apart from producing highly fashionable clothing, she has developed a lifestyle image and strives to empower women with the enthusiasm to become fitter and enjoy life to the full.

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2XU forged a reputation as a leading compression clothing company and has continually used advances in science to improve its range. It is universally accepted that the enhanced circulation that comes from compression wear not only improves performance but aids in recovery. As 2XU began to put greater emphasis on the fashion of their compression garments they have become a big player in the Activewear market.

Our store gives you the chance to get all these brands under one roof. Let Be A Sport help you be a part of the Activewear revolution and stay abreast of the latest in style, fashion and comfort – come and check out our sales today, or order by phone ((08) 8269 1272) or email (