Sports Apparel

Bringing Sportswear to the Everyday

We believe that you don’t have to belong to a club or be selected in a team to Be A Sport.

With our busy life-styles, time spent relaxing can be of just as much benefit to your overall health as a vigorous workout. In fact, the overlap of sport and leisure is getting greater all the time.

We see no reason why every wardrobe should not have a healthy dose of what we refer to as “sports clothing”, but can just as easily be called “leisure attire”. And because how you dress makes a statement about your life, this leisure can be a great opportunity to show the world how confident you can be in yourself – with our help.

You don’t have to compromise on comfort to show off the latest style, either. We are constantly sourcing the latest from all the big brands and selecting the best, so we can offer an up-to-date and diverse choice in your favourite piece.

The fabric advantage which gives you that sporting edge

What often sets sport gear apart from “traditional” garments is the use of particular fabrics to increase the comfort whilst maintaining the distinctive look. This is especially important in our scorching Aussie climate which can throw up uncomfortably warm conditions.

For example, there is Adidas Climalite, a marvellous summer fabric. It consists of a synthetic layer underneath which draws sweat away from the body to a cotton outer surface, where it quickly evaporates leaving you cooler and drier. Other designers make use of mesh panels, strategically placed in areas such as under-arms and back of neck, to increase ventilation.

Sportswear for all shapes and sizes

Be A Sport caters for male and female of any age and shape. We also allow for exchanging sizes when buying for someone not present in-store at the time of purchase*.

So whether on the tennis court, at the local shops or strolling the beach, you can feel comfortable and look great. We stock sporting apparel and footwear from huge global brands including Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, New Balance, Asics, Champion, Russell, Puma, & Diadora.

And we haven’t forgotten the more serious sports (such as Cricket) where traditional attire is expected. Our prices on sporting gear and other specialist goods are some of the lowest in the country – so get onto our contacts page and place your order by phone or email today!